Creative content.

Visual web design.

Modern storytelling.


We listen first, to help you clarify your voice and pinpoint your vision.


Then, we create. Together we’ll craft the narrative that brings your stories to life, with stunning visuals and creative web content designed to convert.


Now, connect and grow with fresh, innovative content reflecting your newfound clarity, vision, and voice.


“My strength goes beyond crisp, creative content and innovative design to my investment in who you are, how you are making the world better for your audience, and how we can make that known most effectively.” – Molly Huggins



Hey, I’m Molly, the founder and creative force behind The Green Glass Pen.

As a writer, I know what it’s like to know what you want to say but struggle with how to say it. We are storytellers here, at The Green Glass Pen, whether for personal use, brand, or business.

We’ll partner with you to determine the tone, style, and voice appropriate for your audience, then provide the web content that resonates with your readers, customers, and clients.


I needed help writing a bio for my website. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to say but just didn’t know how to say it. Molly took my awkward sentences and created something coherent and memorable. I am so thankful. Then she provided me with additional help that I didn’t even realize I needed. My social media presence was a virtual train wreck and I had no idea. Molly stepped in with color branded templates and gave me a mini-lesson on social media that included her social media cheat sheet as well as ideas for content batching. I am still learning and perfecting but I get it now and I cannot thank Molly enough.

Wendy Eubanks  Eubanks Realty
Wendy Eubanks

“What I most appreciated about Molly was that she really listened to me, and was able to quickly grasp exactly what I needed. She easily picked up the tone that I needed for my site. She kept the main content and yet made each post so clear.”

D. Das STEM-Away
D. Das

“We’ve been working with Molly for months now and she’s honestly a pleasure to work with and a fantastic writer. I can give her my highest recommendation.”

C. Magnus Magnus Marketing
C. Magnus

“Having a writer on staff for us is a must-need luxury for our non-profit organization. Getting educational content to families is a top priority for us. Molly is an exceptional writer, thorough in her research, and she’s very creative and resourceful. We couldn’t achieve our mission without her!”

K. Rippetoe One with the Water
K. Rippetoe

“Molly does her job very carefully and diligently, most importantly she is a sincere kindhearted and sympathetic person. I enjoyed working with Molly and will likely have additional jobs for her in the future. She did her best and really helped me to improve the content of our site!”

M. Dolgova 
M. Dolgova