The world needs your VOICE. I can help.

I’m Molly Huggins

So I’ll cut to the chase – why should you hire me? Well, besides having a B.A. in English and a solid ten years of creating content, I’m a storyteller at heart with an artist eye for color and balance and I offer superb writing and editing skills.

I have years of experience writing across industries in a variety of voice, as well as being a graduate of the StoryBrand Marketing workshop and The Grantsmanship Center Grant Proposal Writing week long training. I’m obsessed with grammar, word choice, and policing unnecessary adverb usage. Plus, I also happen to be a bona-fide speed-reader.

Words & design are definitely my thing. I provide text that conveys a warm, human element that will resonate with your customers, and I pride myself on determining the tone, style and voice appropriate for target audiences. Trust me to bring your vision to life. 

Unrelated, but also fun: I’m an ex-helicopter pilot and mother of five children, two cats, two dogs, two horses, a guard donkey, and a handful of backyard chickens. I’m an organized creative, a recovering Type A, and I can’t stop talking when I’m nervous. I love coffee, color, and all things DIY. And my job. I really love my job.

The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter – ’tis the difference between the lightning-bug and the lightning. | Mark Twain.

My Skills

Expert Creative Storytelling | Complex Technical Writing | Advanced Research & Data Organization | Detailed Editing & Proofreading | Speed Reading & Rapid Data Review | Sleek Graphic Design | Targeted Strategy Analysis

It can be overwhelming to make yourself heard, to cut through the chaos inundating our modern world. I promise you, I know how it feels. That’s why I bring my commitment to bear in showcasing your passion and voice. Let me help you find the right words to bring your vision and narrative to light. 

  • Proposal Writing
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Copy Writing

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